Workers Compensation for Philadelphia Taxi Drivers


ATTENTION: PUBLIC HEARING FOR HB 1914 TO BE HELD ON MARCH 19th, 2010. Click for details.

Please Support Workers Compensation Coverage for Taxi Drivers and Wheelchair Accessible Taxicabs for the Disabled. Click here to Petition

Pennsylvania State Representative Mark Cohen introduced House Bill 1914, that would include Philadelphia taxi drivers into the workers compensation laws and add wheelchair accessible taxis onto the city's streets. TWA in partnership with Liberty Resources have been meeting with key legislators to promote this legislation. Currently, HB 1914 sits in the House Urban Affairs Committee and a public hearing is scheduled on March 19, 2010. Moreover, with the help of the Media Mobilizing Project, a documentary video was produce in hopes of strengthening our struggle for workers compensation.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, taxi drivers are 60 times more likely to be assaulted or killed on the job than other occupations. However, taxi drivers are on the short end of the industry's economic pie. Taxi owners, on the other hand have benefited economically in several ways, for instance, the value of the medallion has increased from $60,000 to $260,000 within the last 4 year.

The predicted cost of workers compensation coverage for taxi drivers is about $1.50 per day, per driver. It is TWA position that medallion owners are in a better position to absorb these cost. TWA seeks to obtain protection for low income taxi workers performing one of the most dangerous occupations.

Here is a video discussing the stories of workers who have been injured. Please watch it if you want to find out more, or contact us for more information.