About Us


Founded in 2005 by taxi drivers, the Taxi Workers Alliance of PA is the largest Taxi Driver Advocacy Group in the city of Philadelphia. TWA-PA is a multi-ethnic membership based organization and its mission is to transform the taxi industry, and improve working conditions through organizing, political and media advocacy, litigation, direct legal services and access to health care. TWA-PA programs and activities respond to the direct needs of more than 1,200 driver members along with all taxi workers, providing them with a means to advocate and organize for their rights and achieve basic workers protection and benefits. The primary focuses of our work are: economic justice, work place civil and privacy rights, safety, healthy conditions and access to health care and the institutionalization of a democratic mass-based organization.

Organizing Committee Members:

Moloud Aguidi

Ronald Blount

Manuel Castro

Sebastian Chuwku

Kevin Evans

Tekle Gebremedhin

Nabil Hasan

Mohammed S. Khan

Steve Chervenka

Femi Olanyni

Mohammed Shukur

Patrick Anamah

Felix Upfalow

Ishmael Ibrahim

Lisa Gaymon