Mortgage Assistance


If you are having trouble paying your mortgage you may be eligible for the state Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance (HEMAP) Program. In order to be eligible you must be at least 3 months behind in your mortgage and be able to show :

1. That you are behind due to circumstances beyond your control and,

2. That you have a reasonable prospect of resuming full mortgage payments in 24 months.

If your mortgage is VA or conventional, prior to any foreclosure, you should get a notice from the mortgage company offering you the right to apply for HEMAP or ACT 91. You should contact one of the counseling agencies listed in the notice to apply for ACT 91. No foreclosure action can occur while a HEMAP application is pending.

If you have an FHA mortgage you should contact your mortgage company and request help from their loss mitigation department. FHA mortgages don't qualify for HEMAP. You can call TWA and get help from housing counselors for help or information if you are behind on your mortgage.