Forced Credit Card Transactions


Opposition to the forced acceptance of credit cards campaign has drawn overwhelming support from our members. On December 13th 2006, TWA-PA organized a protest that forced airport officials to back down from carrying out this new policy, even though the policy eventually was implemented, drivers showed that they can organized. TWA will be soliciting legal help in this matter and organizing other strategies to stop the Parking Authority from taking 5% of our hard earned wages with the transactions of these cards.


November 06 - TWA eliminated court fees from the PPA if drivers were found innocent in the courts.

November 06- Get Out the Vote Project : TWA covered 20,000 homes to get out the votes, NO MORE JOHN PERZEL!!!

October 06 - TWA works with Governor's staff on Veto of House Bill 2545, stopping PPA from having absolute power and 100 new medallions.

August 06 - TWA organized Rally to Harrisburg to ask Governor for VETO of HB 2545. Over 300 taxi drivers participated despite the steady rain.

May 06 - TWA along with Brotherhood organized First Citywide Strike with 98% participation.

May 06 - TWA convinces PPA to lower test scores needed for Hack License from 88% to 78%.

March 06 - TWA began a series of Rallies to stop GPS, High Fines, Mileage Restrictions, and PPA's Inspection process.

January 06 - TWA staged Rally to STOP the fuel surcharge from being removed by PPA.

September 05 - TWA submitted a request for a fuel surcharge and staged a Rally. Meter now starts at $2.70/ Airport flat-rate now $26.25

August 05 - TWA sponsored First Ever Health Fair/Picnic for taxi drivers and their families, with free screenings for cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, hearing, vision, and tons of free food.

May 05 - Hurricane Katrina Project; TWA gave free rides to the relocated victims in order for them to find housing, schools, and jobs

March 05 - Parking Authority's meter change, TWA submitted petition for industry along with first ever minimum fare from airport.

December 04 - First Taxi Drivers' Toy drive for St. Christopher Hospital. TWA collected more toys than any other organization for the hospital

October 04 - TWA organized Tsunami Relief Drive