In the fall of 2004, Ronald Blount, Joseph Conte, Hewitt Malone, Khalid Q. Alvi, Mohammed S. Khan and Tekle Gebremedhin held a discussion over the recent escalation of killings of the city's cab drivers, along with taxi rates that were stagnated over the past fourteen (14) years. They were struck by the similarity of stories shared among thousands of drivers. They had to do something about an oppressive economic system, abusive and unempathetic taxi regulators, and greedy medallion owners.

Later that year, Ronald Blount and Nabil Hasan reached out for guidance from Philadelphia Jobs with Justice as well as the New York Taxi Workers Alliance - two organizations with concrete reputations of working for progressive social, racial and economic justice. These taxi workers unselfishly laid the foundation for creating an advocacy group, not just for Philadelphia's cab drivers, but for the working poor in general. These organizers later discovered that the cause of the taxi worker's exploitation had many branches that ran deeper than a meter increase or the death of drivers.

Today, Taxi Workers Alliance of PA is the largest Taxi Driver Advocacy group in Philadelphia. Its mission is to transform the taxi industry, and improve working conditions through organizing, political and media advocacy, litigation, direct legal services, and access to health care.

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