Benefits of Being a Union Member



Membership Benefits (Do not have to be a member) include the following:

(we are still in the process of developing some of our benefits, so please be patient with our process.)

  • Discounted Lawyer Services: TWA PA is developing relationships with Law Clinics and attorneys to provide free and low costs services on legal issues as traffic violations, immigration, wills, contracts, settlements, landlord-Tenant disputes, Bankruptcy, Personal injuries, and PPA taxi violations

  • Free Tax Filings: TWA works with Union 1199c, the Hospital Union to provide free tax filing to taxi drivers.

  • Free referrals to CHIPS programs and Adult Basics by Blue Cross: Provide referrals and assistance in applying for healthcare for drivers and their families. The cost for services is low and covers health care, emergency stay, prescriptions and other medical coverage.

  • Referral for Crime Victims Assistance: TWA-PA will provide referral and help document the crime so that drivers can receive compensation for their losses.

  • Immigration Support Center: TWA PA has partnered with the Nationalies Service Center to provide low cost immigration services that includes support for asylum, deportation, and other immigration issues.

  • FORTHCOMING: Affordable Health and Dental plans TWA-PA is looking into health clinics and low costs health insurance for drivers. We will keep you abreast on details. Currently, we only can coordinate referrals.

  • Parking Tickets Defense: TWA can file and process payment of tickets so that your record is clear and time can be spent earning wages than sitting in traffic court.