By working in solidarity, Taxi Workers Alliance of Pennsylvania has secured many victories for human rights, economic justice, and well being for Taxi Workers

  • December 07 - TWA negotiated with Philadelphia International Airport to lower the fees associated with the AVI system.

  • September 07 - Historic Phila./NYC Taxi Strike, over 25,000 taxi drivers stood in solidarity.

  • September 07 - TWA and NSC partnered for first Immigration Rights workshop.

  • November 06 - TWA eliminated court fees from the PPA if drivers were found innocent in the courts.

  • October 06 - TWA began low cost legal referral service for taxi workers and their families.

  • May 06 - TWA along with Brotherhood organized First Citywide Strike with 98% participation.

  • May 06 - TWA convinces PPA to lower test scores needed for Hack License from 88% to 78%.

  • April 06 - TWA began collecting funds to help injured or slain taxi workers.

  • March 06 - TWA began a series of Rallies to stop GPS, High Fines, Mileage Restrictions, and PPA's Inspection process.

  • January 06 - TWA staged Rally to STOP the fuel surcharge from being removed by PPA.

  • September 05 - TWA submitted a request for a fuel surcharge and staged a Rally. Meter now starts at $2.70/ Airport flat-rate now $26.25

  • August 05 - TWA sponsored First Ever Health Fair/Picnic for taxi drivers and their families, with free screenings for cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, hearing, vision, and tons of free food.

  • May 05 - Hurricane Katrina Project; TWA gave free rides to the relocated victims in order for them to find housing, schools, and jobs

  • March 05 - Parking Authority's meter change, TWA submitted petition for industry along with first ever minimum fare from airport.

  • December 04 - First Taxi Drivers' Toy drive for St. Christopher Hospital. TWA collected more toys than any other organization for the hospital

  • October 04 - TWA organized Tsunami Relief Drive