The Taxi-Workers Alliance of Pennsylvania ("TWAPA") is organized to promote the civil and human rights of low-income taxi workers, including improving their health, safety, and well-being. To reach this end, TWAPA will engage in numerous activities, including those listed below:

Promote the health of taxi-workers and their families through newsletters, workshops and health fairs.

Inform the general public through public service announcements and other informational campaigns about the dangers that taxi-workers face and what they as citizens can do to create safer environments for drivers.

Inform taxi-workers and other interested parties through seminars, discussion groups, workshops or written materials (i) as to what their civil and human rights are and (ii) about best practices when dealing with law enforcement or other officials and regulators.

Inform the general public and taxi-workers about fair labor practices and privacy rights related to taxi workers.

Publish a newsletter discussing civil and human rights issues and safety and health tips for taxi-workers.

Assist injured taxi-workers and/or their families or the families of slain taxi workers and taxi workers in need of legal services due to an on-the-job tragedy.

Operate a resource/referral center for free or below-market fee vital services, including healthcare, legal services and educational training (such as English competency) designed to improve the taxi-workers living and working conditions.

Publish pamphlets discussing the latest studies about racial or religious targeting or profiling of taxi-workers by police officers, employers and/or the general public to raise awareness in the community.

Affiliate with local law schools to seek free legal representation for taxi-workers when they have judicial or administrative hearings.

Provide workshops or informational material to assist taxi-workers in protecting their rights and in dealing with the taxi regulatory and legal systems.

To fund these initiatives, TWAP will seek funding from several sources: annual membership dues, an annual fundraising drive targeted to the community and ongoing acceptance of donations, as well as grants from the government and other grant-making institutions.

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